Hamster Care Guide

Minimum cage size
The minimum cage required in the UK is 620sq inches – that's 80cm by 50 cm or equivalent of unbroken floor space– however it is recommended that Syrians will need larger than this with the minimum size being recommended at 100cm by 50cm or equivalent of unbroken floor space. 

These cage sizes are recommended to reduce stress for a hamster, as when housed in a cage that is to small it is highly likely that they will show signs of stress. The most common signs are bar biting and monkey barring/bar climbing.

Hamster Wheels
Most store brought cages will come with a wheel that is to small for your hamster. When the hamster is running on its wheel their back should flat not curved as this can cause back issues and it is common for your hamster to stop using their wheel if it is too small and uncomfortable for them. Most Syrian hamsters will need an 11 inch/28cm wheel. Mesh or wire wheels are also not suitable, they can cause a condition called bumble foot, so your hamster will need a
solid running surface.