Pear Sticks

Pear Sticks

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100% Pear wood

Comes in 100g bags

Suitable for Rabbits, Guineapigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Rats.

Customer Reviews

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Susan HM
A success!

Its been a bit tricky and a hit and miss affair trying to get my little Hammie to gnaw on something. Not interested in the run of the mill stuff and apple sticks but these are a success. Judging by the nibbled ends of these sticks she seems to like them

Lou Carter
So much for such a small price!

I should have got these forever ago. Had a little bit of a bar biting issue start to surface and since the addition of these, no more! Just goes to show that a ham just needs more things to nibble and chew! You get so many and they'll last ages! Also gives the enclosure a lovely nature vibe. You can even get creative and make a little path with them haha.


My hamsters absolutely love these. I have an Syrian who loves to chew and these are one of her favourites! It's a big bag also which is great.
Will order again for sure.

Joanne Harper
Pear sticks

The guinea pigs love these and the hamster also likes them . They will last them sometime with the amount you get.