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Hope's Healthy Treats

Treat Taster Box

Treat Taster Box

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Not sure what your hamsters favourites are or just wanting to get a selection of treats?

Our treat box will be perfect for you!

get a selection of

- Dried Cucumber

-Dried Strawberries

-Dried Banana

-Dried Carrot

-Dried Apple

-Dandelion Roots

-A spray (chose between Wheat, Oat or Barley!


Suitable for Hamsters!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ziggy Woodward
A box of delights from my smol furries

All my hammies love the contents of this box... all the portions are good hamster sized bits, or are easy to render into even smoller bits should the need arise. My two dwarf hammies, Reggie Wigglebutt and Jasmine Busybutt were'nt so keen on the dried cucumber, but my big smol boi, Hector Von Longenfloof just scoffs the lot :)

Leah Sherwen

Great value for money and a good way to find out what your hammy loves