White Paper Bedding

White Paper Bedding

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White Paper Bedding 

Unscented white paper bedding! 

Super Soft and Holds burrows well!

15L ~ 900g 

50L ~ 3kg

Customer Reviews

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Dean Milligan
The best bedding

I just received my first 50l bag and I love the new bigger size and the resealable top. Before I would use the 15l bags for weekly top ups but it just wasn't practical or economical when the bed got run down and I needed to add lots at once. I find it's softer and holds burrows better than tea bag bedding or safe wood shavings and less dusty with a more consistent texture than other paper beddings. Its still a bit more expensive per litre than some other brands but 100% worth it in my opinion. I would buy it in 150l bags if it was an option

Casey Kay

He love sleeping in this. It his favourite

High quality

Really high quality bedding! soft for ur pets feed and holds burrows / tunnels well especially if mixed with a little hay or teabag bedding. I find it takes about two bags to fill a detolf my only regret is not buying more <3

Susan HM

absolutely lovely, sumptuous and safe bedding. Wish I had bought this for my hammie from the start. Easier to spot clean. Wish it was sold in larger "economy" sizes though. Also wish delivery was a little more speedier. Thank you.

Super soft and absorbable!

I tried this out just to bumb up my girls bedding after a move around and omg it is so soft! I decided to put it near her burrow and inside her new multi chamber and she pouched most of it for her burrow. It's super soft to keep the hammys warm, holds burrows well and it's very absorbable! Didn't take me seconds to spot a wet patch. I can't fault it, but I would say it would be lovely to see it in a bigger bag! It makes me want to try out the other bedding. Definitely recommend!