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30cm Silent Wooden Wheel

30cm Silent Wooden Wheel

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30cm cork lined silent adjustable running wheel

The height of the wheel can be adjusted to allow for bedding underneath. 

Replacement cork linings are available on our website.

Suitable for Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice.

Wheel Diameter is 30cm.

It is 33-40cm from the bottom of the base to the top of the wheel depending on how you wish to adjust it.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Amber Hills
Really is Silent wheel!

This wheel is not only beautifully made but actually silent! It's nice and wide so great for even the biggest female Syrian hamsters.

Comes with spare cork liner, it's nice and soft but firm for small paws. Adjustable height and spins so smoothly. Highly recommended

Josh Carr
Such a quiet wheel

I ordered this product at the 2023 hamster fair in Birmingham and it arrived two weeks later. It is by far the most well built hamster wheel that my female Syrian hamster has ever had.

liz doughty

Perfect for my syrian Rolo, as soon as I put it in his enclosure he was on it, it is really quiet, and fantastic that it came with replacement cork

Jayne Key
Hamster wheel

Amazing wheel my hamster I never stops running on it unless she is eating.
Bonnie is an ex breeding hamster I rescued.

Beth Barron
Excellent wheel

This wheel is absolute perfection! It's the perfect size for just about any hamster and has proven itself to be a great success and amazing hit with my female Syrian! Outstanding job Hopes Healthy Treats, expertly done xx