30cm Silent Wooden Wheel

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30cm cork lined silent adjustable running wheel

The height of the wheel can be adjusted to allow for bedding underneath. 

Replacement cork linings are available on our website.

Suitable for Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice.

Wheel Diameter is 30cm.

It is 33-40cm from the bottom of the base to the top of the wheel depending on how you wish to adjust it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
started to squeak

it was really good at first and i was really impressed with how silent it was….but after around 5 months it’s started to squeak and sounds like nails on a chalkboard. it’s gotten so unbearable that i have to take out the wheel when i’m in the room which isn’t fair for the gerbs

Layla Barker
so so good omg!

I recommend this 10/10 I was originally going to get a plastic wondent wheel but I’m so glad I didn’t! This wheel is so silent and will look so nice in my natural cage! I bought a cork liner too and I think that’s so good that you can just replace the cork liner instead of buying a whole new wheel. I recommend it so much

At first it seemed great but it was so noisey after an hour or so in the cage.

So at first i was really happy it seemed good than after a few hours of use it went wrong the wheel would stick and stop spinning alot, my hammie struggled to get it moving again there was a horrible squeak so i was sent an exchange so new wheel at first agin happy but than the noise started a tapping and squeak that got worse and worse i have unfortunatley had to return it. I had high hopes so am left a little disapointed with the outcome of the wheel. Customer service was good but the wheels were just not silent at all.

a bit disappointed

it seemed great for a few days but i’ve noticed an issue. it works and then gets stiff so my hamster can’t run on it anymore. he’s a dwarf and doesn’t have the weight to be able to push it once it gets stiff. tried to fix it by taking the wheel apart but still gets stiff. resulted in my hamster climbing the bars as he can’t use his wheel. for £40 i expected better, i’m going to have to get a new one.

Harriet B.
By far the best thing I have ever bought for my hamster!

The quality is amazing, it’s very sturdy and well made. The size is great for Syrian hamsters. The width of the track is wide enough and I like the completely open design. It runs smoothly which allows my hamster to have more control over stopping. Plus it’s actually silent! I love the fact the base is lined with cork and the height is adjustable. Also it looks lovely in a natural enclosure set up. The cork track is really soft and padded, a great surface for my hamsters little paws while he is running. Definitely worth the price as my hamster will get lots of use out of it and I can replace the cork tracks when needed instead of purchasing a new wheel. I’m extremely impressed!