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Hope's Healthy Treats

Beech Chips

Beech Chips

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Beech Chips offer an additional form of enrichment for hamsters, providing them with a textural variation to explore in a dig box or scattered around the enclosure!

1 Bag is 250g

Suitable for Hamsters & Gerbils.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
samantha roberts

Our little man loves burying himself in these and looking for treats. You get a huge amount in the bag for the price. Very happy.

Rachael Mcclew
Coconut chips beach chips

Always amazing quality from here never go wrong execeptional

Emma Hunt

Amazing, our hammy loves it great product.

Roxy Hyslop
Bag of beech chips

Great quality beech chips and good value for money, only issue was the sticker to close the paper bag being where the chips were and bag ripping but stuck in sandwich bag for what I hadn't used. Would get again

Caila Atkin
My hamster’s new obsession

My hamster, Haze, is in love with this substrate. As soon as it entered her cage, she refused to leave until she went to bed, and now hates me if I decide to take them out (even to clean) 😂. Need to order more so she has more to dig through, but definitely a brilliant purchase.