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Coco Soil

Coco Soil

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Coco soil brick!

650g brick of compact coco soil!

just add water and let it dry!

Coco soil is a great natural digging substrate!

Suitable for Hamster, Gerbils & Mice



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Value

Fantastic size for the price, will last ages and my hammy loves digging in the soil. Lovely packaging, will definitely order again.

Megan Boyd
Hammys love it and so does my bank account

Great quality and you get a lot for your money. Both of my hamsters love this stuff and cant get enough of it. Super easy to use, very convenient.

Paddy Whelan

so so good! my syrian hamster loved this so so much and you get absolutely loads for the price! really easy to use too 👏

Becky Geary
hamster approves

Recently rescued a little dwarf hamster and he’s obsessed with his coco soil! It’s great enrichment as he loves to dig and find food which keeps him busy for a very long time :)

Alicia Goodey

Love this soil. So much is made from the block. It does take a long time to dry, even with the oven. However I may have over watered the block, so it’s probably just about getting the right water ratio. My hamster loves it and will definitely be getting more!