Coconut Chips

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Approximately 100g of Coco chips.

A great addition to an enclosure, adds another texture and more enrichment!

Looks great in a natural themed enclosure!

Suitable for Hamsters, Mice and Gerbils.

Ready for Use! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kirsten Bailey
Amazing dig

My hammy loves digging in her area she digs right to the bottom. And chirps away as she’s doing it.

aimee Lawler
should have bought more!

my hamster isn’t too keen on substrates with different textures, however he LOVED this product and digs in it often, he rolls around in it like a sand bath, i didn’t even need to use forage to entice him to try it, will definitely be buying it again in a larger quantity. —the bag size may look small but alot does fit into it, i used one of the bags i received and it was enough :))

Sam Mcgibbon
need a bigger bag

my hamster likes to dig in this, however the bag lasted one clean out, i have none left.. so maybe do bigger bags or ill just order 2 bags next time

Nipsey loves it!

I’ve bought this a couple of times now to add to Nipsey’s cage and she still loves it!! It’s perfect for a dig box and extra substrate for any cage. Good amount comes in the bag too

Daniel K.
My hamster loves it

Added it to a dig box with the beech chips and she loves to dig around in there :)