Cork Log Tunnel

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Cork Log Tunnels are brilliant for adding enrichment and a natural look to the enclosure.

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 This is a natural item so the shape and exact size will vary.

as this is a natural item sanitisation is reccomended before placing in the enclosure.

Size Small

Diameter is approx 6-8 cm

suitable for Mice and Robo Hamsters 

Size Medium

Diameter is approx 11-13cm 

suitable for Gerbils, Mice and Hamsters (dwarfs and Syrians)


Size Large 

Diameter is approx 15-20cm 

Legnth is approx 30-40cm

Suitable for Gerbils, Mice and Hamsters (dwarfs and Syrians)

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Carla Burt
bigger than expected

This item was bigger than expected but really great

Good quilts but all so disappointing

I ordered the size small thinking it would be large enough for my hamster but it quit small and my hamster can nearly just about fist into it.On the other hand it i good guilty but regretted ordering small.


Very pleased with the tunnel, Mack the ham loves it

Harriet B.
Amazing for natural setups

I ordered the medium size and it is huge, way bigger than I was expecting! I’m pleased that the piece I received has four entrances/ exits as this replicates life in the wild and helps hamsters to feel safe. I will be heat treating it before placing it in my hamster’s enclosure.

Very good price

Didn't know what to expect when I bought these as I haven't had cork log tunnels before. I ordered a medium and a large. They are bigger than I expected and great size for my Syrian boy. My sister has had the medium one off me. So I am going to buy 2 more this week for the mice. Would definitely recommend.