Multichamber hide - 3 chambers

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Corner 3-chamber hide

Comes with a solid detachable lid for easier spot cleaning

Stilts are great to allow deeper bedding underneath the multichamber hide without compromising its stability.

Suitable for Hamsters (including Syrians), Mice and Gerbils.

Dimensions : 35cm by 35 cm by 14 cm high

7cm entrance holes

Stilts are 15cm tall

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lil hammie Loves it.

He loves climbing on top of it and going inside it. Yet he refuses to sleep inside it or any of the other hide outs I brought him, he has a favourite lil house but he does everything inside it so I’m hoping he will venture out and sleep inside it one day!

Paige Lidster

I’ve never had a Multi-chamber hide for my hams before but I am extremely happy with it! It’s a great size and makes for great enrichment. It’s very well made and I can’t wait to get it all set up!

yasmin eve
100% recommend!!

definitely one of my favourite purchases for my hamster, the multi chamber hide is HUGE and looks beautiful in the enclosure! my hamster Otto loves it!! i recommend hopeshealthytreats not just for the hide and the products but for the customer service, there was some trouble with my package (completely my fault🥲) however hopeshealthytreats helped me out fully and responded quickly to the problem! once the problem was sorted i received by package a few days after purchasing!

Courtney Whelan
The best!!!

I was worried that my Syrian hamster would not take to a new hide but he loves it!! As a rescue, I’ve noticed changes in his behaviour for the better now he finally has the space he deserves. My big boy has tons of space. We both love it so much! Thank you HHT❤️

Karen S.
Great product

Love this multi chamber hide. Great sized item with large holes for a syrian. Well made, just given it a second coat of plastikote, one more before my fur baby gets to try it, he will love it I'm sure