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Snuffle n Forage Mat

Snuffle n Forage Mat

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Rosewood Snuffle and Forage Mat is a great way to make dinner time for interactive and enriching!

Hide your furry friends favourite treats or pellets amongst the mat and watch them forage for it!

Suitable for Rabbits and Guinea pigs 

Dimensions 30cm by 20cm


For use under supervision. Although made with pet safe fabric not for ingesting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelly Gent

My piggies love these forage mats I used to mix forage with their hay but it became a problem with them getting hay in their eyes due to them foraging resulting in vet trips so this is a great alternative and great boredom breaker would highly recommend I purchased 2

Jennifer Mckendrick
Snuffle n Forage Mat

Really cute name, really good enrichment for guinea pigs and rabbits. Easy to use and clean when needed, I enjoy hiding pieces of dried treats and his daily pellets.

Mrs G
Perfect gift!

I bought this snuffle mat for my daughters bunny for her birthday (yes I know we are mad, we love to spoil her!). She is an active bunny but lazy when it comes to gimmicks for retrieving food but this mat was just perfect. The dandelion roots are quite big (also bought from Hope) so my daughter chopped them up and hid them amongst the mat, what fun Mochi had retrieving them! This is the perfect site to find that perfect gift :-)

Great for the rabbits dinner time.

Instead of giving the rabbits pellets in a bowl, I put them in the snuffle mat instead and it just gives them that extra daily enrichment amd keeps them busy for longer.

Fab product

My bunnies love their forage mat. They get excited looking for treats and enjoy playtime with this