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Hope's Healthy Treats

Wacky Wobbler

Wacky Wobbler

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One Wacky Wobbler colours are randomly selected.

Suitable for Rabbits, Guineapigs, Hamsters, Gerbils and Rats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jade Glynn
Buns favourite toy!

We first ordered a wacky wobbler for Mochi last year for her birthday, she’s usually very fussy with toys and abandons then after 5 minutes but she absolutely LOVED this! Destroyed it within the week. My mum got her 2 for Christmas which were both shredded within a week again! We just got her 4 for Easter and she couldn’t be happier. I wonder how long these will last her.

Mrs G
Perfect Entertainment for your small pets!

Our bunny just loves Hopes Whacky Wobbler.... She loves to chew and finds it great fun when it wobbles around! Perfect entertainment!

Nagiya Rahman

My rabbits loved this toy!! Even though it was destroyed as soon as it was given to them. Would definitely recommend as there’s so many treats my bunnies loved. Which I was very surprised because they’re so FUSSY!

My gerbil loves it

I bought it for my gerbil and he likes sitting on it and chewing it. I often hide treats in the top of it. He has now thoroughly buried the wobbler! A nice toy for enrichment.

Donna Bownes

Bought this and it came exactly how it looked and packaged beautifully

Thank you 😊